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What committees does Dan Helmer serve on?

The 10th is not a district divided by partisanship. We have to concentrate on products that matter to us in our own towns as well as work together to manage them. He is a leader who has served his land and community and includes a record of accomplishing things that are hard that bring folks together. That is why Dan is developing a campaign centered on issues that matter to voters inside the district. Virginia’s 10th District is diverse and includes cities, suburbs, and rural communities.

We have problems in typical like use of quality healthcare and also good paying jobs which affect each corner of the district. Dan plans to campaign in each and every corner of the district and develop a team that demonstrates the variety of our neighborhood. What’s Dan’s strategy to gain Virginia’s 10th Congressional District? Dan Helmers expertise is a tapestry of abundant experiences that condition his approach to public services and advocacy.

Fast growing up in a family that emphasized the value of service, Helmer developed a strong sense of responsibility early. This foundation was further solidified through the education of his and military service, establishing the stage for the later political career of his. We interviewed John Eterno, president & CEO of the Fisher House Foundation, to go over the VA backlog crisis. He discussed problems regarding the veterans and veterans’ families, including the number of veterans’ suicides every day as well as what Congress can do to address the VA’s backlog crisis.

On June 26, 2024, the US House of Representatives Committee on Veterans’ Affairs held its first hearing on the VA backlog crisis, since the VA was granted an extension until July twenty two, 2024, to deal with complications with the processing of disability claims. Most people look to be healthy and in addition have affordable access to quality health care. He feels that the current broken healthcare operating system is not providing affordable, quality care and that we should be buying the healthcare providers of ours and our children to enhance the unit for the long term.

Dan is going to fight for common healthcare within the state of Virginia so that not one person is denied care because of price tag. They pay out of pocket for healthcare, and Dan knows that this’s the way the system was designed. Each and every day, Dan and his family visit our medical centers and doctors. In addition, Dan hopes to eliminate health insurance premiums and co-pays. He is going to fight to make certain that people have access to affordable coverage for tooth care and vision.